Best 5 Garhwali Nath – Kumaoni Nath – Garhwali Nath Design

Hello Guys this post is about Best 5 Garhwali Nath jewelery found in Garhwal and Kumaon region which is very much in trend these days. Which is called Nath. It is an integral part of our Uttarakhand culture.

Today’s women wear it with great enthusiasm. It is worn on traditional festivals or on any special occasion such as marriage ceremony, worship recitation, while traveling etc.

Nath is not for only fation but it is very helpful in bad times. You can get some money by selling it in times of trouble.

But nowadays artificial nath is also available in the market, which is very much in trend. It is available in both online market or offline market at very cheap price.

But in our culture it is made only from pure gold. Which also looks very beautiful in appearance and it adds to the beauty of women.

The design of Nath is seen in different ways in different regions. Somewhere there is a difference in its size and somewhere there is a difference in its texture.

Like Tehri ki Nath, Kumao ki Nath, and many other, there is a lot of difference in their design and size.

Garhwali Nath Bride

Nath is worn on the left side of the nose. In marriage, mama and mami gives nath to the bride.

If the wedding season is going on and you are also looking for some such good nath then this post can be very helpful for you.

If you like any of the nath given below, then you can buy it by going to Amazon or by taking a photo of it, you can make a nath of the same design from your nearest jewelers.

Artificial Garhwali Nath Online

Brass Plated Brass Nathiya

Brass Plated Brass Nathiya

Nath is the charm of Tehri women which is hailed for its elegant style. It is worn by the women of Tehri region of Uttarakhand. However, the style and design may differ in both the region but its charisma remains the same. The nath or nose ring of a bride is the star attraction during the wedding. The weight and number of pearls inserted in a nath indicate the status of the family of the bride.

Price ₹314 ₹1,500

Brass Plated Brass Nathiya

Brass Plated Alloy Nathiya

This nath is specially made for Garhwali and Kumaoni women which is worn by women nowadays with great desire. You can get this nath for only ₹ 333. This is an artificial nath that can only be used for fashion. If you want a gold nath, then you can make such a design by showing it to your jewelers. But if you want to get it only for some function then you should use Artifice Nath only.

Price ₹314 ₹1500

 Multi Colored Gold Plated Nathuli For Women'S

 Multi Colored Gold Plated Nathuli For Women’s

Pack Of one Single uttarakhandi Kumauni garwali Nathiya. Featuring attractive designs, this nath (nose ring) can look elegant and stylish when worn with anarkali, lehengas, and sarees. Every bride shares the similar passion for adorning Nathuli on her wedding, whether it’s Garhwal or Kumaon. Highly revered for its beautiful stonework and particular use of Kundan.This nath (Nose ring ) has designed for traditional womens . It has brash metal base with multi color red & white stone. Basically Uttarakhand Nath is a type of nose ring which connect with a chain. On uttarkhand jewellery the Nath is very important and this nathiya show face of Uttarakhand tradition. In uttarkhand the nathiya are many type but mostly more head nath and tihari nath is very famous between the uttarakhandi community

Price ₹499 ₹999

Women 18K Gold-Plated Wedding Pearl Ad Nose Ring/Nath

Women 18K Gold-Plated Wedding Pearl AD Nose Ring/Nath with Pearl Chain

18K Gold-plated wedding pearl AD nose ring with extented pearl chain, has a slip-on closure
Warranty: 6 months
Provided by the brand Environmental Brass
18k Gold Plating
keep away from perfume, water
Wipe with a clean cotton swab when needed

Rs. 545 Rs. 1090

Gold Kumaoni Nath Designs – Gold Garhwali Nath Designs